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O-range’s industrial manufacturing innovative company, realize reliable, sustainable, stylish and functional pieces.
Working place meet modern logics with no pollutant emission in the environment.


O-range® representing true innovation and focusing on smart textile products to improve traveller life.


Personal SOLAR Chargers.

Take your smartphone and your portable electronic devices everywhere.

A clean and convenient to charge your portable devices away from electrical outlets. Designed for small devices with charging through the USB port, mobile phones, smart phones, MP3, GPS navigators.

The system converts sunlight into electricity and immediately available from the USB port built into the bag. The energy can also be stored in a battery (optional) for later use at night or indoors.

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We have a long term experience and various patents on solar bags and accessories. Our special construction methods make possible to create very flexible and powerful systems to charge your portable devices during all your outdoor activities. Click here to see how it works

The system is composed of photovoltaic panels (from 1 to 6 panels) a USB battery and a kit of plugs. Photovoltaic panels turn sunlight into electricity that can be stored in the high capacity USB battery unit. Whenever you need it, you can plug your device to the battery to continue using it also when it runs out of charge.

We test all our solar products during expeditions around the world with the collaboration of professional teams that need power in every climate condition.

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After years of studies and tests we engineered a new way to construct bags. Then we patented it and at the beginning of 2009, we inaugurated our Italian manufacturing site.
Since 1997, o-range designs and develops products for the best sport brands and participates in international research projects in collaboration with research institutes.
o-range is now a trademark distributed worldwide with its own products or in a co-branded form.

Our patented construction and our dedication to design are the most important components of a successful equation. By adding quality craftsmanship to the attention of little details, we ensure great satisfaction for us and all o-range’s customers.

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Robot skin application. Collaboration with IIT – We are involved in this project developing a special skin that can conduct tactile inputs and fits perfectly the sensitive body of the robot.

Sport monitoring belts. We develop special chest belts for heart-rate monitoring for athletes and sport fans. This products are built welding sensors between layers of fabrics.

Holter pouches

Wenger Solar Chargers

Pouch for Wenger Ueli Steck Special Edition knife.

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