Technical features:


cod: OR30

Waterproof, ultralight Roll Top Backpack.

Dimensions: 28 x 52 x 14 cm.
Capacity: 21 Liters.
Composition: 50%Polyamide – 40% Polyester, Laminate PU – 10%Elastomer.
Led light: White color – 6000 K.
Power bank: 5000 mAh.

€ 230,00

Available colours


Roll top backpack, waterproof, ultralight and thermo – welded. It is an extremely large backpack, with a capacity of over 20 liters. It is particularly light therefore suitable for daily use. Thanks to the wide opening the backpack is extremely stable, even in situations of greater load. Water-resistant front zip treated with anti-rain coating. The soft and ergonomic shoulder straps are also thermo – welded and removable for easy replacement. The backpack has an integrated led system to improve visibility at night. It comes with a small dimmer for the intensity of the led light and an power bank at hand.
Italian design – 100% Italian product




O-range Smart Innovative Backpack
O-range Smart Innovative Backpack
O-range Smart Innovative Backpack