In 2012 O-range inaugurated a new internal division. A special unit dedicated to the development of technical & medical products
in collaboration with important brands in the technology and medical field.






This is a development, in collaboration with Dayton Industrial Ltd., of special chest belts for heart-rate monitoring for athletes and sport fans.
This products are built welding sensors between layers of fabrics. 
We mix die-cutting and laser-cutting to achieve the best look, an incredible comfort during intense use and anti bacteria-safe.






Another special project of monitoring belt that is designed to make pregnancy more transparent for parents and doctors. We studied a special ergonomic shape and realized this belt hat carries multiple acoustic and ECG sensors to provide mothers with real-time data on their unborn child’s cardiac activity





Hip-Hope is an innovative belt with integrated an impact attenuation system. Thanks to its uniquely designed airbags reduce the collision impact.






This kind of pouches are used to store and carry medical devices (holters) for patients that needs continuous monitoring and recording of their cardio-vascular parameters.

Our aim was to develop them to guarantee the best comfort and functionality.








Special version of Apollo backpack made of wool with elegant leather inserts.

This “Luxury” version is thought for urban usage, for people who needs a flexible product, powerful in recharges, without renouncing to the style.







O-range was involved in iCub project.

iCub is an “humanoid” robot built by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). iCub can recognize, touch, see and learn from the environment around him.

We developed a special skin that can conduct tactile inputs and fits perfectly the sensitive body of the robot.