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cod: PS06

Waterproof bag with 7,5 watt solar charger

Dimensions: 40 x 34 x 4,5 cm.
Capacity: 6 Litri.
Composition: 50%Poliammide – 40% Poliestere, Laminato PU – 10%Elastomero.
Solar charge power: 7.5 watt max., achieved with single crystal cells.
Output power: USB 5 volts, stabilised (max. current 1000 mAh)

€ 130,00

Available colours


Thermo – welded solar bag with in a velcro roll top closure that guarantees water resistance. It is equipped with a powerful integrated 7.5 Watt USB solar charger. The internal USB controller is removable for washing the bag. Equipped with a removable handle for transport by hand, two removable shoulder straps to turn into a practical backpack and several functional hooks for easy attachment to other equipment (bicycles, boats, canoes, sup, tents, backpacks, etc.).
Italian design – 100% Italian product



O-range Smart Innovative Backpack
O-range Smart Innovative Backpack
O-range Smart Innovative Backpack