We created an exclusive system using innovative patented techniques to obtain unique products, seamless, ultralight and water resistant.

Our bags are made up of several layers of laminated fabrics through an innovative welding process, clean and environmentally friendly.





Our product is equipped with a solar powered system extremely flexible and powerful, which gives our clients the possibility to have their mobile devices always charged, in every moment of the day and during every daily activity, from simply going to the office, to practicing sport, and to traveling.


how it works




O-range Solar System is a solar powered system composed of a series of photovoltaic panels (from 1 to 6 panels) e a USB battery.


The photovoltaic panels transform

the light from the sun into electrical energy.


The energy is stored

in the USB battery at full capacity.

Every time you need to, you can connect

your mobile device to the battery and recharge it.

The production of O-range bags does not generate harmful emissions or waste products.

All the materials we use are from Italy and are produced within a few kilometers of the production line.




Our research and development is based on the philosophy of O-range.

very new product is the result of the scientific study of functionality and utilization of the product.

Its clean lines and innovative material are fundamental components which continue to increment the performance and duration of the product.

O-range Smart Innovative Backpack


Testing in the field is the last phase of a productive process that repeats itself in cycles to give life to products which are high performers. We rely on the collaboration of expert travelers, adventurists and their teams who test our products in the field, under the most extreme conditions. This permits O-range to have constant feedback and helping us to improve our existing products and develop new ones.

Wild Coast Expedition

Montura wild guys

Grand Canyon

Greenland expedition