Mascherina Chirurgica Tipo II OR2020A_036

Multilayer surgical mask equipped with external lycra fabric coupled with 3-layer non-woven fabric, produced with SMS technology loaded with Meltblown mass, it has a filtering function. The patented manufacturing process allows an excellent wearability of the product which is well adhered to the face, fixed with eyelets made from the Lycra fabric itself.
The filter fabric, opaque PP polypropylene, odorless, breathable, soft, hypoallergenic, resistant, free of adhesive resins and hypoallergenic glass fibers, has good air permeability.
Latex free.
The whole mask is heat-sealed


Sizes and Dimensions

Production process

  1. The raw materials, composed of non-woven fabric and elastic fabric, once the quality controls have been carried out, are assembled, cut and heat-sealed. The cutting of fabrics is made with laser technique.
  2. The finished products are checked, counted and packaged in a 10-piece polyethylene bag.
  3. During the preparation for shipment, the goods are checked again before packing the carton.