Between philosophy and technology


Our story begins more than twenty years ago with the same philosophy of today: to create intelligent products that improve the traveler's life.

But, now as then, all of this would not be possible without the passion in what we do.

Passion means quality in materials and fabrics


We always look for the highest quality materials, not only in the fabrics but also in the individual components and accessories of each product.

Passion means quality in materials and fabrics


The manufacturing processes follow the same quality standards as the product. After many years of research and development, especially in sports, we have developed an exclusive production system that makes our bags and our backpacks extremely innovative, unique in the sector.

The details make the difference


We believe that even the smallest detail can make a difference. This is why clean lines, simple shapes and laser cuts are fundamental components, inherent in the DNA of the O-range product.

The hand, the perfect tool


Behind every production cycle there is always our hand. Let's not forget how fundamental it is in all those processes where extreme sensitivity is needed

Kilometer zero, the winning choice


All the processes of both the individual components and the finished product take place in the same production center. The materials we use are of Italian origin and are produced a few kilometers away from our headquarters.

O-Range has always embraced an economic policy that develops "100% Made in Italy" products, optimizing the manufacturing and transport processes, thus saving in terms of pollution.

Our production does not generate harmful emissions or polluting residues.